things i have seen and done

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

appreciate local gems

York. I only ever want to live a stones throw away from it. It is joyously beautiful

Sunday, 6 June 2010

pick-me-up pictures

never seen a picture ive loved so much. this is summer. bought it for 3 pounds from maureen's shop in the arcade in Otley soon to close down. just hope I find more of shops like her's to cheer me up on my days off galavanting around


a late update on the bunting i made last month. didnt both with hemming the edges, far too time consuming for my impatient self, so just used pinking shears on the edges, little tip i got from the 'homemade' book i bought my mum. its very addictive. i intend to make many more lengths of it.

also this is the last image I have taken of my room looking like this. After much deliberation I have begun packing. two weeks before my leave date. and now my room looks more like this...

the only thing that helps me cope with the boxes is

little men

went to london. was overwhelmed with tourist spirit and subsequently purchased some souvenirs