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Thursday, 23 June 2011

DIY cards - intro production

I started making cards for birthdays and christmas to give to family and friends but I enjoy it that much I'm going into business. Etsy shop on its way - these I have crafted in preparation for my summer stalls coming up - orders happily met through email until then -

polaroid replacement

Polaroid out of production - sad face. But who needs polariod when theres Fuji Instax - cheaper and tinier - making it even MORE fun. Summer smiles .

Oh Eggleston

Postcard perfect

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Manchester Museum sketchbook

Had a lovely few days at the Rocks and Minerals gallery at Manchester Museum. Not where you'd think you'd find a lot of artistic inspiration but I lovvveeedd it. Amazing surfaces, textures and colours all over. Natural forms really are all you need sometimes.

Theses are a few samples of my sketchbook works.

wall sticker joy

Such lovely prints, loads of lovely work! but the first thing I'd spied was this beaut. Its a wall sticker!!